EFN Enterprises, LLC, is a company with high values, exceptional customer service and most importantly a company with a strong standing rapport with our industry’s associates. EFN Enterprises is managed by a group of professionals with over 55 years of total combined experience within the Healthcare, Manufacturing, University, Automotive, Aerospace, Commercial, Consumer and Government marketplaces. By striving to meet the highest standards, we have built a successful track record at earning solid returns for our investors.

We are committed to our clients by building solid, long-term relationships through maintaining high moral principles and extraordinary business acumen. Our past performance in providing secure and quality investment opportunities to our investors exemplifies our ability to offer an attractive return on your investment.
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EFN Nationwide Operations

EFN operates in all seven (7) of the Navy SeaPort-e's geographical zones.
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Solid Concrete Solutions

We have partnered with New Harmony Homes, Inc to offer solid concrete solutions. Whatever your structural needs are, we are sure to have a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution.
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Small Scale Solar Panel system - icollaborativesystem.com

Renewable Energy

From solar panels to batteries, inverters and controllers, we can deliver small and large scale solutions for your environmentally friendly energy needs.
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Water Treatment Systems - icollaborativesystem.com

Water Treatment Systems

Water Oxygenation, Ferrate Water Purification, UV Germicidal Irradiation, Filtration, and many other water treatment technologies.
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Solid Concrete Structure - newharmonyhomesinc.com

Solid Concrete Structures

Solid concrete construction is an economically feasible long-term alternative to typical block, wood, or steel framed structures. The features and benefits of solid and insulated concrete construction are limitless.
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Water/Wastewater Financing and Construction

EFN Enterprises offers a full range of high value services in the construction management for water and wastewater facilities.
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